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Quality | Bendix Petroleum

A Global Excellence and Reputation for Premium Quality Brake Fluid

Bendix Petroleum, with a proud experience dating back to automobile technological emancipation in France, Europe, is one of the largest manufacturers of premium quality automobile lubricant. Over the past years, Bendix has developed an advanced global reputation for delivering the highest quality brake fluid and motor oil across a range of sectors in so many countries worldwide.

International Quality

Bendix Petroleum DOT 3 has gained international reputation as a result of our unwavering focus on quality. Our continual investment in the latest laboratory research and equipment enables us to deliver lubricants for the most demanding of applications, brake fluid which are renowned amongst our customers and peers across the globe.


Bendix Petroleum is proud to be pioneer in the field of lubricants. Our continued investment in our people and processes enables us to undertake cutting-edge research and development to create new and advanced brake fluid and motor oil that meet with demands of latest technologies. Keeping in-tune with market trends, technical, and commercial demands, means we are able to deliver products which continue to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse client base.


Bendix Petroleum by ensuring both quality and flexibility in all that we do from our super-premium and small cost effective products, to our client-first attitude make us true leaders in this field.

Customer Care

Relationships are at the core of all that we do. From our technical and laboratory personnel, Bendix Petroleum always go that extra mile in understanding you, your business, and your utmost need to grow.

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